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No matter how much you love sex and getting laid, sometimes there’s nothing better than a good wank. Drawing the curtains, getting naked and either slipping some porn on or simply closing your eyes, laying back and enjoying your favourite fantasy while stroking your cock till it gets stiff and then jerking off till you cum hard.

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What’s not to love right? Slapping the salami, beat the meat, spank the monkey, toss one off, jack off, knocking one out or whatever you prefer to call it, a good wank can actually be better and give a bigger sense of satisfaction than getting laid. I bet you use the same technique all the time though right? You can view our Mistress chat rooms for more information on how to get masturbation instructions online from our kinky girls

Ever since you were about 12 and found out what it feels like to beat your meat you’ve been going for a world record and much like the same reason bombes find a technique and stick to it, you found the best way for the best feeling and now you do not want to change it because you don’t know what a new way will be like or maybe you don’t know any other way.

Sure there are websites with hints and tips but its hard to get turned on enough to get hard never mind cum when you are reading what equates to nothing more than a damn instruction manual! So you revert back to type and even if you have a whole raft of new ideas and ways in your head, you just slip back to the same old same old.

What if I told you however, that there was a site on the internet where you could have access to hundreds of gorgeous, sexy women who were all live and ready to have a 1 to 1 webcam session with you and you could engage in jackin chat with them so they can guide you to newer and better ways to get yourself off? They also will not just sit and talk to you about new ways either.

They will actively encourage you to get hard, wrap your hand around your shaft and get busy with yourself with them so you can both have a live wank session. There are so many different ways to jack off it is insane. Almost countless in fact.

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That is why a live jackin chat session is so much fun and such a necessary activity. There is no way you could possibly know them all and even if you read websites with step by step instructions, any new ways you do come across might seem too complicated to try. When entering our live masturbation cams, you have hundreds of gorgeous females to select from for that all round live jerk off a play.

Not with a jackinchat live webcam session though. Each and every female on this site is an expert in masturbation and they have wanked more than their fair share of cocks! They have also seen a lot of guys tossing off and will have seen a lot of different ways.

They can then transfer these ways to you and guide you through them and talk to you about how to get the best out of it. If you look at pictures or read online you can figure it out but with a 121 cam session, she can give you real-time instructions and make sure you are doing it right. It is kind of like having a teacher there! These girls are primarily on live sex cam to give guys sex shows but they are just as comfortable having masturbation chat with guys who want to discover new ways to jerk off.

They have plenty of experience and know how to conduct a session for this. You can use the free cam sex chat facility with your chosen girl, and let her know what you want and what you are looking for from her. This lets you explain things to her without worrying about being charged. Then you can enter the private area and let the real fun begin!

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There is nothing these women do not know about jacking off and they will 100% know things that you do not. Offering suggestions such as using two towels, using a toilet set lid, settee cushions, a pillow, a flashlight, a toilet roll holder or a cup handle to differing hand suggestions such as sitting on your hand till it goes numb, using each stroke in a twisting direction, rubbing the tip, gripping the base, squeezing the shaft or gripping your balls lightly to name but a few, there are lots of different ways these girls can talk to you about ways to jack it.

There is every kind of woman on here as well. Tall, short, bbw, white, black, Asian, tattooed, muscle, blonde, brunette, dark-haired, redhead, teenage, co-ed, milf, granny and even shemale so whatever kind of woman your fantasy female is, you can have her live and in front of you in no more than a few minutes.

Prices for jackin chat begin from 33c per minute so it costs next to nothing to have a decent length of the session with a gorgeous babe who is desperate to help you out, lend a hand and chat to you about new and exciting ways to wank. So what are you waiting for?

Do you want to stick to the same old routine or do you want to chat 1 on 1 with a hot, open minded babe with zero inhibitions who can offer up things and ways you could never even dream of? I think we know the answer to that one so click the link and sign up for the site. In a few minutes, you could have the perfect woman talking to you about jacking off.